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Monthly Archives: April 2021

Door Drop Marketing

Have you been looking into advertising in your local area and came across the idea of door drop marketing? Are you questioning how you could use this technique and what makes it effective? Let’s talk about everything that goes into it. The basic idea of putting flyers through the letterboxes of your potential clients is…
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Important elements of flyering in London

The specifics relating to delivering flyers will vary depending on the country, town, city or even part of town you are based in and are running your campaigns. In London we have much variety in terms of the geographic make up, demographics, complexity of terrain, household incomes and types of households. It would be difficult…
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What is leaflet distribution good at?

Businesses of all sizes all over London have been using leaflet distribution as one of their main methods of advertising for decades. Leaflets have been used to share ideas for centuries and in may ways the simple technology of a leaflet is still dominant when it comes to local advertising. Let's get specific. What is…
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The right approach to flyer delivery in London

Flyers can be delivered in many different ways. The amount of leaflets can vary, the types of services you are advertising will vary and the areas that we are targeting in London will vary also. There are many different approaches to leaflet distribution in a place as large as London. Let's talk about the right…
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