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Monthly Archives: March 2021

How do you distribute leaflets effectively

Leaflet distribution is a form of marketing that is widely used through London by companies of all sizes. It has been a staple of advertising in London for decades and it will remain so for decades to come. Distributing leaflets is one thing but how do you distribute leaflets effectively? Techniques There are many ways…
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Driving online sales with leaflets in London

Leaflet distribution is an effective marketing tool. In its current form it has been with us for decades in London. But as an offline medium can it be effective in advertising businesses that largely focus on selling their products and services online? Let's have a look at driving online sales with leaflets in London. 2020-2021…
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Gardeners and end of lockdown promotion

Some gardeners in London have been able to work through 2020 and the beginning of 2021. Others have had their businesses seriously diminished. Even though gardening work was allowed through pretty much all the restrictions in the last year many people have been worried about inviting tradesmen into their homes and gardens. Let's have a…
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Leaflet distribution for roofers in 2021

Covid 19 and the government restrictions associated with it have had a huge impact on most London businesses. Some are struggling and some are not allowed to operate at all. However the needs the businesses were fulfilling are still there. Roofs still leak, houses need painting and drains still need unblocking. As a roofer there…
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