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Monthly Archives: January 2021

Personal trainers, gyms and leaflets

An independent personal trainer and a gym provide services that are very much similar. These tend to focus mostly on providing the equipment, guidance, planning and education when it comes to physical health and athletic achievement. With that being said the marketing strategies (and leaflet distribution campaigns) of personal trainers who are willing to move…
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Flyering your local area

Flyering or leaflet distribution is one of the most effective and controllable ways of advertising a local business to a real customer base. But local can mean different things based on the type of business you are looking to advertise so let's have a more in depth conversation about flyering your local area. Flyers Flyers…
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How should a local business deliver flyers

Flyers and leaflet distribution have been a significant part of the marketing efforts of most London businesses for decades. We know that they are effective and can be used for companies and campaigns of various sizes and goals. But like any other promotional technique if not done correctly it can become a waste of money.…
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The ultimate 2021 leafleting strategy in London part 2

In the previous instalment of this series we've discussed mostly things relating to the restrictions that are still likely to be in place for some time. There are ways of dealing with these in the context of leaflet distribution and we've mentioned some of the most important ones. Now we can talk about techniques and…
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