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Monthly Archives: December 2020

What are the inner workings of leaflet distribution part 1

Leaflet distribution is a method of advertising that has been with us for decades and will remain a pillar of local marketing in London for decades to come. It has remained an efficient and effective form or informing your clients and gaining new customers even through the tumultuous 2020. But no matter how effective leaflet…
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Leaflet distribution for restaurants in Tier 4 Part 3

In part 2 of leaflet distribution for restaurants in tier 4 we discussed many of the intricacies of leaflet design and how this process should be approached. Today we'll talk about where in London you should have your leaflets delivered and whether a single delivery is enough or if your leaflets should find their way…
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Leaflets for Restaurants in Tier 4 part 2

In the previous instalment of leaflet distribution for restaurants in Tier 4 we've discussed some of the systems we have in place to make London leaflet distribution trackable and safe to use for any business and especially restaurants. We've also touched on why it is important for any restaurant that has decided to minimise losses…
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Leaflet distribution for restaurants in Tier 4 P1

Restaurants have been amongst the hardest hit by the restrictions that have been imposed on London business this year. Many companies that deal in certain types of services have some way of moving a part of their clientele online. While this is certainly the case for some others might not have this option. Restaurants can…
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