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Monthly Archives: October 2020

The right approach to leaflet design

A perfect delivery systems and extremely accurate tracking mechanism are not enough to guarantee the success of your leaflet distribution campaign. What the leaflet looks like is also one of the fundamental elements in reaching success with a flyer campaign. Let's explore the right approach to leaflet design . Do it yourself? Controlling costs is…
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How to deliver leaflets to council properties

Leaflet distribution to council properties and local authority housing in London has been a challenging topic for decades. Many leaflet distribution companies include households in council owned properties in their mapping and distribution numbers. The truth here is that these households have historically been close to impossible to deliver to consistently. Any company that included…
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Restaurant leaflet delivery in 2020

Restaurants have been some of the most affected businesses in 2020. The restrictions that we've all had to deal with have had different effects on different industries but food services have undoubtedly had one of the toughest challenges to contend with. Let's have a look at restaurant leaflet delivery in 2020. One of the fundamental…
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How does my leaflet distribution campaign get tracked

The general view of leaflet distribution has historically been that it can be a very effective method of advertising but that it can also be very difficult to know whether your leaflet have been delivered properly. Is that still the case? How does my leaflet distribution campaign get tracked? Long gone are the days of…
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