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Monthly Archives: May 2020

Furniture shop marketing in London post lockdown

Most furniture shops in London have been using leaflet distribution to market their services for decades. It has proven itself to be an efficient method of attracting customers both for the more mass produced furniture shops and to the custom made end of the market. Let's have a look at how we can tweak our…
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Reopening a Toy Shop after lockdown

Any toy shop owner or manager knows that parents are very protective of their children. Most parents are not willing to take chances with their children's health and this obviously extends to their choice of toy purchases. Let's see what a local Toy Shop can do to ensure parents that their services are safe to…
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How much does leaflet distribution cost?

When deciding on using a marketing tool two questions need to be answered. How effective is it and how much does it cost. We know that leaflet distribution is effective as it's been used for decades by the most successful business in London. But how much does leaflet distribution cost? Leaflet distribution costs are calculated…
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Estate Agent leafleting strategies post lockdown

Different types of businesses have been affected by the current pandemic and following lockdown differently. Restaurants have for example been hit very hard but many tech companies not so much. London Estate Agents will be on the more affected end of the spectrum. Even when the market in London opens up and there is more…
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