Monthly Archives: February 2020

Create an edge for your London Gym with flyers

Marketing a local gym in London requires a unique approach. London is famously a very competitive place with businesses fighting for every customer. Let's have a look at how we can define our local area as a gym owner, how to develop mind-share and how to create an edge for your London gym with flyers.…
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The best promotion techniques for London businesses

There are many promotion techniques a business can employ when trying to market in their local areas. London is a competitive place and the density of businesses is very high compared to other environments. So let's have a look at the best promotion techniques for London businesses. Leaflet Distribution Leaflet distribution has been a staple…
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How to promote a restaurant opening

Opening a local restaurant in London can be a very difficult task. Running a successful restaurant is an extremely challenging thing to do and the number of failing brasseries, bistros, cafes and fine dining places in London is astronomical. The opening of a new location is the ideal time to lean into promotion and this…
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