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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Making leaflet drops work effectively

The success of a leaflet drop, like any other marketing strategy, ultimately depends on execution. There are many aspects that determine how successful a leaflet drop will be. Some of them are more obvious than others. One thing that is worth mentioning before we continue is that whether your leaflet is delivered as a part…
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Leaflet Distribution Coverage Areas

There are many variables that will have an effect on the level of success of your leaflet distribution campaign. Picking the right area for deliveries might be the most important one. Especially in a complex city like London with many industrial areas, businesses and a wide variety of residential buildings. Leaflet distribution coverage areas are not…
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Do Flyer Drops Work?

The effectiveness of any marketing strategy is very much reliant on the ability and experience of the person or company planning and executing it. Flyer drops are no different. So if you ask Do flyer drops work? The answer has to be - They do, if you are experienced in planning and executing flyer drops. Well-planned…
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How Much Does Leaflet Advertising Cost?

The cost of leaflet distribution tends to be communicated in the price per 1000 leaflets delivered. There are however many decisions one can make in planning of a leaflet advertising campaign that can affect the price. On top of this there are also some hidden costs or at least costs that might not be immediately…
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