Monthly Archives: March 2018

How our mapping system works and how is it created

Every leaflet distribution company has to have both local knowledge of all the areas it operates in and a clear mapping system communicating this to all it's customers. We at the Private Postman have spent considerable amount of time and effort developing our mapping system and the structure that determines it's current form. Some companies…
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Leaflet distribution in challenging areas

There are many challenges that any leaflet distribution company has to deal with when delivering leaflets around London. There are areas that are difficult to navigate due to a large number of winding roads and confusing mewses. Other areas pose more difficulties due to the numbers of households that are either in inaccessible buildings with…
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Leaflet distribution and online marketing.

The fact that engaging in online marketing is a part of running almost any business nowadays is an indisputable reality. Many companies look at it as a cost effective option when it comes to talking to as many of their potential customers as possible. This form of advertising is definitely effective. If online marketing is…
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