Monthly Archives: January 2017

Local Companies and Local Customers

Amidst all the sound and fury of Brexit and TTIP, another item of European legislation has rather slipped under the radar of public attention. The EU has taken a further step towards tightening existing data protection laws and thereby giving data subjects even more control over how (and indeed if) their personal data is used.…
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People are More than the Sum of their Data

It’s a bright, new, 2017 and we’re reading our way through the annual round of “what does this year hold for marketing” posts on the internet. Some are interesting and some are well written, a fair sprinkling are even both. Very few of them, however, seem to be connected with the real world in which…
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Marketing to Millennials – the Power of Paper

Young adults, or millennials as this generation of them is often called, are often a key target market for advertisers. They’re old enough to have their own income and their own defined needs and wants, but they’re often in a life-stage before they have children, which means that if they are in work, they tend…
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