Monthly Archives: October 2016

Understanding Ad Fraud

Here at TPP, we’re big believers in making digital marketing and traditional marketing (such as leafleting) work together.  In fact part of the value we deliver to our clients is using the old-fashioned letter box to get a (potential) customer’s attention long enough for them to take note of our client’s online details and engage…
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The Christmas Conundrum

There used to be 12 days of Christmas, these days it can seem more like 12 months of Christmas.  From a business perspective, Christmas basically comes in two varieties.  For some businesses it’s a (welcome) break and for others it’s (by far) their busiest time of the year and is vital that they get as…
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Why the Long Game is the One which Really Matters

We all have bills to pay and we all need cash to pay them, so of course it’s important for all business owners to have enough income to take care of their immediate needs.  At the same time, it is also critical to put a business in the best possible position at any given point…
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