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How our GPS system works

We at The Private Postman are very proud of our tracking system. For the longest time knowing exactly where and how your leaflets have been distributed was one of the biggest challenges in leaflet distribution. Our multi layered tracking system makes this a thing of the past. Our clients know exactly where, when and by…
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Targeting your leaflet campaign

Targeting and numbers of leaflets required We can offer you our expert advice on what areas will be the most beneficial for you to target based on the services or products you are advertising. We are the only company in London with 30 years of Royal Mail Postman’s experience. No one knows London better than…
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Your leaflet distribution campaign Start to Finish

This is how your leaflet distribution campaign with The Private Postman happens. Step by Step. 1. We either pick up or have your leaflets delivered to our storage unit on Tuesday of the distribution week. 2. Your leaflets and distribution maps go to our Private Postmen and Women on the following days. Wednesday for deliveries taking place…
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Leaflet Distribution for larger companies

Every company requires a different approach to leaflet distribution. An estate agent will need a different strategy to a restaurant and a dog walking service will need a differently structure campaign from a cleaning company. We spend time helping our clients plan exactly how each campaign should be structured and analyse precisely what results we should be…
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