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Leaflet Distribution for larger companies

Every company requires a different approach to leaflet distribution. An estate agent will need a different strategy to a restaurant and a dog walking service will need a differently structure campaign from a cleaning company. We spend time helping our clients plan exactly how each campaign should be structured and analyse precisely what results we should be…
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Response Rates and Leaflet Distribution

'What are your response rates?' This is one of the most common questions we encounter when talking to people about leaflet distribution. It is an understandable question especially since many companies in the leaflet delivery business use slogans like 'Double your response rate' or 'Guaranteed double the response rate compared to other companies in the…
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Rules for leaflet distribution at The Private Postman

Quality of Delivery All our leaflet distributors are trained and instructed to not fold leaflets unless absolutely necessary. We believe that unfolded leaflet delivered in a perfect shape is one of the most effective advertising tools for many businesses. We fold leaflets only when the letterbox on a given home is too small or if…
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How our mapping system works and how is it created

Every leaflet distribution company has to have both local knowledge of all the areas it operates in and a clear mapping system communicating this to all it's customers. We at the Private Postman have spent considerable amount of time and effort developing our mapping system and the structure that determines it's current form. Some companies…
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