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Picking the Perfect Palette

When you’re designing your perfect leaflet, there are plenty of design elements to think about, from your branding to the images you use, to the font you write in. But, one of the most important design elements has to be the colours you choose. So, what colours will help you achieve leaflet distribution success? Firstly,…
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The Leaflet Distribution Process: How It All Works

The 21st Century has introduced a wealth of modern marketing techniques for businesses in the digital world. But even today, leaflets and their distribution are still popular and can yield impressive results. Done well, there are few techniques online or offline that are as effective. This form of direct marketing, also known as leafleting, is…
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4 Steps to Creating Leaflet Distribution Success

Owning a business is a proud achievement for anyone in today’s tough economy, and there can be many factors for why a business is successful. The number one factor for any business is to be known – if consumers do not know about you, how is your business going to be successful? Leaflet distribution is…
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3 Big Advantages of Tracking Your Leaflets with GPS

Leaflets have a high success rate in many industries, from fast food to real estate. As we’ve previously seen, creating a good quality leaflet is a vital step in using leaflet distribution as a marketing strategy, as in knowing the right time to use leaflet distribution. (more…)
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