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Application Form to join our team of Private Postmen:

If you would like to join our team, please email us at the address below giving us full information and we will send you an application form.

The Nature of the job:

You will be working flexible hours within two different time slots
We start our morning deliveries between 9-10am and our afternoon deliveries between 12-1pm. You will be able to choose which one of these times will work for you on daily basis.


- You must have either an iPhone or Android mobile phone
- You will be working approximately 15 hours a week.
- You must be able to read, write and speak PERFECT ENGLISH.
- You must be able to walk for 2-3 hours in one session, carrying a bag of around 2- 5KG.


We look for people interested in working with us long term and do not offer short term positions.
We take great to care to have all our workers delivering only in their local areas and eliminate as much travel time for everyone as possible.

To apply, please send us the following information.

  • - Your full name
  • - The Postcode you live in
  • - How long have you been living in London
  • - Your age
  • - Your mobile phone number

Email to

Please Note : if we do not have any vacancies at the time of your application we may not be able to respond but will keep your information on file in case any vacancies occur in the future.