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Leaflet Distribution W3

The W3 postcode covers the area of Acton. It neighbours on Ealing in the West, Gunnersbury in the South, White City in the East and Park Royal in the North. It is a very well connected part of West London with the Acton Town stations running District and Piccadilly Line services and West Acton underground station running Central Line tube services.
The Acton Central and South Acton train stations also provide the locals with access to the Overground and the centrally located Acton Main Line station to multiple train services in and out of London.

Acton can be a very industrial areas in places but there are still some green spaces to escape. North Acton Playing Fields, Springfield Gardens, Acton Park, Clayton Gardens and South Acton Park are some of the smaller green areas accessible to the locals.
Gunnersbury Park neighbouring on Gunnersbury Cemetery in the South-Western corner of the postcode is the largest park in Acton. Right on the W3 border in East Acton we can also find Wormwood Scrubs park which which is similar in size to Gunnersbury Park and provides the residents of the Northern Part of W3 with some potential nature time.

One of the areas that is very specific to W3 is the Park Royal area. It is the largest industrial estate in Europe and even though our standard door-to-door distribution automatically excludes businesses we do run b-to-b distribution in Park Royal specifically. The Park Royal industrial park is so large that a good number of leaflet can be delivered here to many companies that might actually be responsive to certain kinds of services. This is very different to delivering leaflets to High Street shops that provide basically zero chance of a response.
Leaflet Distribution W3
The testament to the effectiveness of deliveries in this area is the fact that The Private Postman delivers our own brochures here regularly.

Outside of Park Royal W3 provides us with a slightly confusing mix of Victorian Terraced homes, large affluent detached residences, industrial areas and pockets of small residential homes with varied demographics. The only way to properly analyse this postcode and provide consistent leaflet distribution services is to refer back to our mapping system. We have segmented the postcode to multiple groups of 5000 households that are organized in demographically consistent way. This allows us to help you pick exactly the area within Acton that will be the most responsive to the services or products you are offering.

Since parts of Acton can also be challenging to deliver due to a large number of stairs and extra walking needed to avoid some industrial areas we always balance the difficulty level attached to the physical deliveries and the number of leaflet we ask each distributor to deliver.
This way our workers always feel like we are in control of what is happening and that we don't ask them to exert unreasonable amount of effort when it comes to delivering. This can easily happen when the central office is removed from the deliveries and plans are made without taking into consideration the exact conditions on the ground. This is not the case at The Private Postman. We pride ourselves on our realistic approach and knowledge of London.