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Leaflet Distribution NW9

The NW9 postcode covers the areas of Colindale, Kngsbury and West Hendon. It neighbours on Burnt Oak in the North, Kenton in the West, Neasden in the South and Hendon in the East.
It is a very large postcode and includes some sizeable Parks and green areas. Fryent Country Park, Woodfield Park, Roe Green Park, West Hendon Playing Fields, Montrose Playing Fields, Colindale Park and the Brent Reservoir are all within the NW9 borders.
NW9 is also a very well connected postcode. The Kingsbury Tube Station services the Western part of the postcode with access to the Jubilee line, Colindale Tube station in the North Eastern part of the postcode provides the locals with access to the Northern Line services and the Hendon Rail Station allows the locals to wither reach Central London very quickly or escape the capital by using Thameslink Services.

Some of the cultural landmarks here are the royal Air Force Museum which attracts a considerable number of visitors every year. The Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture and the beautiful Brent Reservoir are both located here as well.

Leaflet Distribution NW9

Even though NW9 is one of the larger London postcodes the demographic breakdown might be surprisingly uniform. Most of the households here are going to be located in houses rather than flats. There are dozens and dozens of roads with hundreds of Victorian terraced houses lining the streets on both sides. There are also many homes here that were built for factory workers in the middle of the 20th century and that give North London it's specific character.
There are some apartment buildings and local authority housing projects but there are easily spotted and have been excluded from our mapping system.

The way our mapping system operates is as follows. We break down each postcode into smaller areas of approximately five thousand leaflets. Each one of these areas gets it's own map and code an is called a Group. For example G105 is a Group number 105. These Groups are created from mostly demographically homogeneous areas and allow us to advise our clients in targetting specific types of homes. We make sure that the distributors that will be delivering in a specific part of London are well acquainted with the situation on the ground and have their maps with them ahead of time to avoid any surprises and disruptions to delivers. We generally get distributors that live as locally to an area as possible to deliver. This means that we quite often have distributors delivering to their own neighbourhoods. This cuts down on their travel time and allows them to use their knowledge of their own local area to deliver in the most efficient way possible. As mentioned above all business, local authority and undeliverable apartment buildings are excluded from out mapping system.
A 5000 leaflet Group will therefore contain five thousand households that are deliverable and desirable for our clients. We do not have our numbers distorted by the fact that a large apartment buildings with 300 inaccessible and undeliverable flats is located in the area.