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Leaflet distribution in Ealing W5

Who lives in Ealing W5?

Although the30-44 age group makes up just over a quarter of the local population and those 44 and the under 30s well over a third, Ealing is still not as “youth heavy” as some of our other delivery areas. In fact the demographic spread is fairly even in this area. About a quarter of homes have children and roughly half are either one-person households or couples without children.

Approximately two thirds of working-age residents describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors and average income is over a quarter higher than the London average. Unusually for the areas we cover, over a third of households in Ealing have domestic gardens, which makes the area understandably popular with the green-fingered. Famous residents include Sanjeev Bhaskar, Peter Crouch, Henry Fielding and Thomas Huxley.

What is the character of Ealing?

Ealing could probably be best described as a part of London, but not quite. It's served by both the Tube and mainline trains and many of its residents use it as a convenient base from which to travel to the centre of town (it's debatable whether the trip is long enough to be called a commute). Ealing does, however, have its own commercial district. It also has plenty of shopping and entertainment options. In short, it has pretty much everything an independent town would need or want. Although Ealing was never a planned town like Bath, it was largely built to be a home for affluent people and has always been a place which quickly adopts modern improvements. This was arguably most noticeable during the Victorian period when Ealing developed rapidly from a peaceful, country retreat for wealthy Londoners into an elegant suburb for the growing middle class. Indeed it was the “Queen of the Suburbs” with such amenities as reliable, clean drinking water, an efficient sewage system and excellent transport links including high-quality roads.

Even though Ealing and the rest of London have to some extent grown into each other over the years, Ealing is popular today for much the same reasons as it was popular in Victorian times. It's a piece of the countryside in the city.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Ealing W5 ?

Cost-effective leaflet delivery in Ealing means focussing purely on the affluent parts of the borough. We have mapped these in our TPP proprietary mapping system.

It means delivering each leaflet perfectly every time. Ealing is physically less challenging than many of our other delivery areas as it is both reasonably flat and reasonably modern, therefore having fewer flights of stairs to climb and hidden side streets to navigate. Agents do, however, still need to take the time to ensure that each leaflet is perfectly delivered every time – that's the TPP guarantee.

It makes staying being aware of any changes that affect leaflet distribution in Ealing. London is always changing and desirable, affluent areas such as Ealing are always in a process of development. We visit all of our leaflet delivery areas regularly to ensure that our maps stay up-to-date to be able to give our customers accurate and therefore cost-effective figures for leaflet distribution.


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