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Leaflet distribution in Chelsea and Brompton SW3

Who lives in Chelsea and Brompton SW3?

Chelsea and Brompton is an interesting area in that the 30+ population is notably above the London average and the number of one-person households is massively higher than for London as a whole, while the number of couples and in particular couples with children is noticeably lower. About three quarters of local residents describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors with average income being around a third higher than for London as a whole. Chelsea and Brompton SW3 is essentially a place for people who want to enjoy everything the city has to offer and who have the money to do so. Its most famous (or infamous) present residents are arguably either the Made in Chelsea cast or Roman Abramovich.

Jose Mourinho also currently lives here, for how long is anyone's guess. Past residents include pretty much anyone who was anyone in the 1960s, including Honor Blackman, Dirk Bogarde, Eric Clapton and Petula Clark to name but a few.

What is the character of Chelsea and Brompton SW3?

King's Road, Sloane Square and Brompton bicycles summarize the appeal of this area. Chelsea and Brompton have a bit of a “nouveau riche” reputation (as compared with places like Hampstead, which are old money and more discrete about it). To be frank there's a lot of truth in it, you'll find many a footballer and his WAG living and/or shopping here and of course Chelsea football team is known all over the world (as is its owner). While the area still retains the memory of the swinging 60s when it really was rocking, these days it has some of the highest house prices and incomes in London and is probably the epitome of affluent gentility.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Chelsea and Brompton SW3?

Our TPP proprietary mapping system trims the fat off this affluent area. Even here there are lower-income areas and for the most cost-effective leaflet delivery in Chelsea and Brompton SW3 you need to focus on the parts of the area which matter and drop the ones which don't.

We can help you get the right leaflet printed at the right price. If you have your own design, that's great, please let us double-check it to make sure that it works as a leaflet. There are similarities between designing leaflets and designing in the digital world, but there are differences too and we understand what they are. We also have plenty of contacts with the print houses too, so we can help you keep your print costs down.

Finally we promise to deliver your leaflets perfectly each and every time. That's the postman's promise and we stand by it.


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