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Leaflet distribution in Wood Green N22

Who lives in Wood Green?

Interestingly Wood Green has a slightly older demographic both in comparison to our other delivery areas and to London as a whole. Almost half the local population is in the 30 to 59 age group. About a quarter of residents are 17 or under, which is slightly above the London average, but there are noticeably fewer 18 to 29s than in other areas. One-person households and couples without children account for about half of local homes, but over a third of homes do have children, in fact the number of homes containing a couple and their children is well above the London average. Roughly three-quarters of residents describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors and so it is hardly surprizing that income is about a third higher than the London average. Famous residents, past and present, include Chris Evangelou and Barry Took.

What is the character of Wood Green N22?

The name of Wood Green refers to the historic Tottenham Wood, which was part of the mighty forest of Middlesex. It is believed that Bluebell Wood is the last remnant of Tottenham Wood, although other woods in the area, such as Highgate Wood and Queen's Wood are also believed to have been part of the forest of Middlesex. Even today the number of green spaces in the Wood Green area is over a quarter higher than the London average, which is one of the key attractions of living in this area. Another of the other key attractions is the easy connection to central London offered by the railway and, these days, the Tube. In that sense, little has changed since the railway arrived in Wood Green in the mid-19th Century and led to massive population growth as people realized that they could quite easily work in the heart of the city without having to live in it. Wood Green therefore became an independent and lively town in Middlesex and only formally became part of London in the mid-20th Century. Even today it keeps the character of a lively country town with its own shopping and entertainment venues as well as being known as a media centre. Although the famous BBC Wood Green studios are no longer in use, newer media companies have moved in and the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts is located there.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Wood Green N22?

The relatively modern character of Wood Green makes it physically easier on our operatives than many of our central London delivery areas. Notwithstanding this, operatives still need to take the time to ensure that each leaflet arrives through each letter box in perfect condition – every time. That is the TPP guarantee.

To ensure cost-effective leaflet delivery in Wood Green, we continually check the accuracy of our maps. This means both that we remove less-affluent areas and also that we add new affluent developments as they arise, whether it’s a house being restored and turned into flats or a whole new street for affluent customers.

Finally we can help you to create an effective leaflet which is appropriate for your business. While there are some principles which apply across the whole of leaflet design, we appreciate the individuality of smaller, local businesses and are happy to help convey our customers’ uniqueness in an appropriate way.

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