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Leaflet distribution in Wimbledon SW19

Who lives in Wimbledon SW19?

Wimbledon is one of the most family-friendly areas we cover. People aged 30 to 44 make up about a quarter of local residents, while under-18s make up about another quarter. Of the rest, about four fifths are 45+, leaving the 18-29s only minimally represented. Couples with children form over a quarter of local households – well above the London average. Almost all other households are either single-person households or couples without children. Around three quarters of local residents class themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors and income is well over 50% higher than the London average. Famous residents past and present include Richard Briers, Danny Cipriani and Oliver Reed. Wimbledon was (is) of course, also famously home to the Wombles.

What is the character of Wimbledon SW19?

Wimbledon is a little piece of suburbia (almost) in the heart of London. It's the sort of place affluent couples look for houses when they are (getting) ready to start a family and consequently a place where a lot of young people grow up. A clear indicator of the fact that Wimbledon is an area built with families in mind is that almost half of properties have domestic gardens, which is well above the London average. Crime is very low and local schools perform very well. There are also plenty of facilities for people of all ages, particularly younger people. These include a number of local sports grounds in addition to the historic All England Tennis Club. For those who prefer more informal sorts of exercise, Wimbledon Common provides plenty of space for outdoor activities.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Wimbledon SW19?

We help you to achieve cost effective leaflet delivery in Wimbledon by trimming off all the non-affluent areas. This creates savings of time as well as money.
Our operatives work in a child- and pet-friendly manner. For example, we are careful to shut gates without slamming them. This ensures that dogs stay in gardens and babies stay asleep. This keeps us on the good side of your potential customers.
We also make sure to deliver to all houses. As a relatively modern area Wimbledon is easy to navigate, but the many gardens create bigger distances between houses, which means more walking. Our operatives take the time needed to do the job properly – without cutting corners.

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