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Leaflet Distribution in Willesden Green& Brondesbury Park NW2

Who lives in Willesden Green and Brondesbury Park NW2?

The demographics of Willesden Green and Brondesbury Park NW2 are pretty typical for good earth pic cut to sizeour delivery areas. Under 45s make up about two thirds of the population and about two thirds of local homes are adult-only, being a mixture of couples without children, one-person households and shared accommodation. Just under two thirds of local, working-age adults class themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors, but average income is only slightly above the average for London as a whole.

Again this is an area where there is wide disparity in income and where job descriptions do not necessarily reflect affluence. In other words, it's a place where you need local knowledge. On the subject of local knowledge, Willesden Green's most famous resident is arguably novelist Zadie Smith.

What is the character of Willesden Green and Brondesbury Park NW2?

Willesden Green is now officially middle class, at least it is according to the Telegraph. It would be more accurate to say that Willesden Green is in the process of becoming more affluent and therefore desirable. As previously mentioned this is an area of contrasts and there is still more affordable housing in less desirable areas to be bought here. At current time, parts of Willesden Green are still very much recognizable from the novel White Teeth. In the more desirable parts of the post code, however, house prices have been increasing significantly over recent years.

Brondesbury Park has essentially always been a well-to-do area. Its proximity to Brondesbury Park station has an obvious attraction to those who work in the centre of the city but don't want to live in it. It also has the open spaces which appeal to those with children and dogs.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Willesden Green and Brondesbury Park NW2?

As we've already said, this is an area where incomes diverge substantially. The TPP proprietary mapping system helps keep down the costs of leaflet delivery in Willesden Green and Brondesbury Park NW2 by removing the less-affluent areas.

Our mapping system also keeps you on top of developments in these areas. Willesden Green in particular, is being redeveloped constantly to take advantage of the buoyant property market in the area.

NW2 is a brilliant area for leaflet distribution for multiple reasons. The postcode is mostly full of homes with clearly labeled letterboxes rather than large apartment buildings, inaccessible gated developments or council properties.
The homes generally do not hold more than three households and a large percentage of buildings in this area will be single household. In an area like this leaflet distribution can become very effective thanks to the ease of delivery and the high percentages of households seeing your leaflets.

You can also be confident that our trained operatives will make sure that your leaflets reach all the right properties in perfect condition. We not only give them enough time to do the job properly, but enough money to motivate them and to stop them from needing to rush the work, e.g. by delivering when it is raining, which is a sure fire way to ruin leaflets.


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