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Leaflet distribution in West Kensington and Holland Park W14

Who lives in W14 West Kensington and Holland Park?

W14 has a slightly older demographic than many of our delivery areas. About a third of good earth pic cut to sizelocal residents are under 30, with the 30 to 44s making up about another third. Correspondingly about two thirds of households are either one person households or couples without children, with a sprinking of multi-adult households. About three quarters of residents class themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors and income is and average income is over 50% higher than the London average. Famous residents past and present include Michael Winner, Robbie Williams and David and Victoria Beckham. Fans of Absolutely Fabulous will also remember Holland Park as the home of Edina Monsoon.

What is the character of West Kensington and Holland Park?

In spite of its Ab Fab connection, W14 is about as tranquil a post code as you can reasonably expect from an area in the heart of London. In fact, local residents often appreciate the fact that West Kensington and Holland Park are both somewhat hidden gems. Tourists have heard about Notting Hill and the attractions of the centre and South of Kensington, such as Harrods, but the western end still tends to be overlooked by visitors and therefore relatively peaceful. Transport services, on the other hand, have treated the area very well. In addition to excellent links to the centre of town and the city, Docklands is also a feasible proposition and nearby Paddington station is home to the Heathrow Express. This makes W14 very popular with people who need to travel internationally.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in West Kensington and Holland Park W14?

First of all, we make sure to deliver to all houses, regardless of how many flights of stairs we have to climb to get to them. We also ensure that your leaflets are delivered in pristine condition – every time.

Secondly we can help you to get your leaflet right. Your message has to be absolutely spot on to have an effect here. Cash-rich, time-poor residents of W14 need to be very impressed very quickly. Get everything right and you have an excellent pool of potential customers. Get anything wrong and your leaflet delivery campaign in West Kensington and Holland Park will be an expensive waste of money.

Thirdly we can help you to save money on printing costs, using our connections to Europe's largest print houses.

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