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Leaflet distribution in Wandsworth SW18

Who lives in Wandsworth?

Wandsworth is a family-friendly area. While 18 to 44s make up about half the local population, under 18s make up over a fifth. With these demographics, it's unsurprising that about half of local households consist of married couples and about a third of households are couples with children, which is above the London average. About half of households are either one-person households or couples without children and there is a decent sprinkling of multi-adult households. Over two thirds of local residents class themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors and income is almost two thirds higher than the London average. Famous residents past and present include Allun Armstrong, Martin Bashir, Frank Bruno and Jack Dee.

What is the character of Wandsworth?

Up until relatively recently, Wandsworth was very much an industrial part of town. The presence of the river Wandle brought Young’s brewery to the area in the late 16th Century and while this brought work it also brought the smells which come with any brewery. A few years later, Dutch metalworkers arrived in Wandsworth, seeking the safety which was no longer available to them in their home country. This started a long tradition of Wandsworth being a starting point for those arriving in London – and many of the new arrivals chose to make place their long-term home. Over recent years, however, Wandsworth has increasingly become a place of refuge for those already established in central London and seeking a bit of breathing space. The original Young’s Brewery is still in use, but on a much smaller scale, thereby vastly reducing the smell, while other industrial buildings have been converted for residential and leisure use as their original occupants have moved into more modern premises elsewhere. Wandsworth hasn’t forgotten its humble roots, but it is continually becoming ever more trendy and affluent.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Wandsworth?

First of all we make sure your leaflets only go to affluent customers. While these are the majority in this area, there are still healthy cost-savings to be made by making sure that less affluent areas are trimmed out of the leaflet delivery area in Wandsworth.

Secondly we ensure that our operatives work is a sensitive and responsible fashion. As we mentioned, this is a family-orientated area. People will not appreciate leaflet deliveries carried out too early or too late in the date or in a noisy, disruptive manner, when babies may be sleeping. This is also a pet-friendly area, so our operatives are scrupulous about shutting gates.

The SW London postcodes are generally very different when it comes to leaflet distribution compared to North and North-West London. The density of population in SW18 is considerably lower when compared to for example NW10 or NW6. The houses in these areas are larger and more spread out with more parks and winding roads. What this means for leaflet distribution in practice is that is is necessary for any company running a campaign to prepare their workers and distributors for the conditions they will be dealing with. Leaflet distribution in different parts of London will require a different mindset and understanding of the given area. A distributor that is used to operating in central London will inevitably need to acclimatise to some of the hidden letterboxes, gates and winding driveways that your will find in SW18. Like many of the SW postcodes in London the SW18 area is a great place to target for a variety of business.
If you want to know if your business could benefit from leaflet distribution in this part of south west London get in touch with one our experts.

We can also help you with the design and printing of your leaflet. We want your campaign to get the results you need at a price you can afford. Just get in touch and let us know how we can help.

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