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Leaflet distribution in Upper Holloway and Hornsey Rise N19

Who lives in Upper Holloway and Hornsey Rise N19?

About a third of residents of the N19 area are classed as ABs with another third being C1s. Kloss logo to size right cropAbout three quarters of local residents are working full time and unemployment is minimal as is the percentage of residents with no qualifications. As is to be expected in an area which is fairly close to central London, almost three quarters of local residents live in flats, either converted houses or purpose-built blocks. There is also a noticeable percentage of studios and shared accommodation and housing stock tends to consist of terraces with very few detached properties or even semis.

Famous residents past and present include the metaphysical poet and MP Andrew Marvell, the writer Alan Plater, Imelda Stauton and Reggie Yates.

What is the character of Upper Holloway and Hornsey Rise N19?

Although this is technically one post code area, Upper Holloway is now largely called Archway and generally thought of as being separate to Hornsey Rise, which, unsurprisingly is seen as being more part of neighbouring Hornsey. Archway Road forms a natural boundary between the two parts of the post code. The Archway (Upper Holloway) side, is more typically Islington.

It is built-up and busy, but it's position means that it does have a decent range of options for escaping, if not to the country, then at least to quieter spots like Waterlow Park. Hornsey Rise begins to take on the character of nearby Hornsey. It is the quieter and somewhat more spacious side of the post code. In spite of its growing affluence N19 is staunchly Labour, being represented by Jeremy Corbyn.

How can you help me with leaflet delivery in Upper Holloway and Hornsey Rise N19?

First of all we focus on the areas that matter. The N19 post code areais essentially a patchwork of affluent and lower-income areas. Traditional town-houses and flats for affluent workers are located in between local authority estates. The TPP proprietary mapping system makes sure that your leaflets go to all the right places and only the right places.

Secondly we stay on top of local developments. As is typical of areas where income is rising, developers are always looking for ways to create more housing options. This may be converting existing buildings or making use of remaining empty spaces. As the top leaflet distributors in London, we keep trainers on the ground so we always know what's going down (or up) and where.

Thirdly we make it possible for you to track your leaflet distribution campaign in London as it happens. You will get free access to our TPP Mercury system, so you always know who is delivering what, where and when.
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