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Leaflet distribution in Tottenham Green N15

Who lives in Tottenham Green N15?

This is another young area with a greater percentage of residents aged 44 and under than for London as a whole. Interestingly the living arrangements in this borough are somewhat unusual. One person and multi-adult households make up just under half of homes in this area, but there are massively fewer couples (with or without children) than in London overall. Conversely the number of single parents is higher and single parents with children is significantly higher than for London in general.

Only about a third of residents describe themselves as associate professions, professionals, managers or directors and average income is actually markedly lower than the average for London. We haven’t been able to find any famous residents for it, but we’ll keep looking.

What is the character of Tottenham Green N15?

Tottenham Green has had a varied life. Over our memory it has been commonly known as South Tottenham and Seven Sisters before being reclassified as Tottenham Green. For most of the time we’ve known the area, it’s been a low-income post code, home to people who were either born there and didn’t want to move (or couldn’t afford to move) and people, particularly immigrants, who couldn’t afford to live somewhere pleasanter.

Over recent years, however, this has been changing. If you’ve been wondering why we even bother to deliver to this area, a quick look at a graph of house prices in this post code should give you the explanation. Like many areas in what we think of as the “Olympic belt”, Tottenham Green has been rediscovered by a new generation of residents, attracted by its combination of a vibrant local community, great transport links and relative affordability. It has now caught the eye of developers and is in the process of regeneration.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Tottenham Green N15?

We believe that being early movers in these up-and-coming markets is a crucial advantage for our customers. We also understand that our customers need cost-effective leaflet delivery in Tottenham Green N15. This is why we work so hard on our proprietary TPP mapping system. We only deliver to parts of Tottenham Green where there is already a realistic prospect of finding affluent customers and we keep our maps updated so we always know where they are.
Additionally we treat delivery to these areas as seriously as we treat delivery to the traditionally-affluent post codes. Tottenham Green still has a lot of older houses in it, which means steps and these are often the ones which attract affluent buyers. As time goes on, it’s reasonable to expect more houses to be converted into flats, which is an additional challenge.
The Postman’s promise is perfect delivery every time and you’re welcome to check this for yourself. We provide you with free access to our TPP Mercury system so you’ll always know who’s delivering your leaflets, where and when.

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