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Leaflet distribution in Strawberry Hill TW2

Who lives in Strawberry Hill TW2?

In the 18th Century, Strawberry Hill was a rural retreat for wealthy Londoners looking to escape the noise, smells and pollution of the city centre. The building of Strawberry Hill Railway Station in the late 19th Century made it possible for Strawberry Hill to become what it is today – a retreat for affluent professionals looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Modern Strawberry Hill is an almost purely residential area, such businesses as there are tend to be those which offer goods and services to local residents rather than using Strawberry Hill as a base for operations elsewhere. Its residents tend to be commuters although not necessarily to central London, nearby Richmond is also home to a number of major companies.

What is the character of Strawberry Hill TW2?

Strawberry Hill is almost entirely the creation of Horace Walpole, the mastermind behind the amazing Strawberry Hill House. According to legend he popularized the name after seeing it on an old lease for the grounds he acquired. He used it for what was originally intended to be a little Gothic house but which ultimately became, to all intents and purposes a Gothic palace, which has been lovingly and painstaking restored and not only continues to be a key feature in the local area, but also attracts visitors from outside the area to marvel at its splendour.

Strawberry Hill house is not only believed to have influenced the work of Gothic writers such as Mary Shelly (Frankenstein), but also to have influenced architects such as Sir Charles Barry, who designed another of London's Gothic marvels, the Palace of Westminster (home to the Houses of Parliament). The rest of Strawberry Hill has been more or less designed around the great Strawberry Hill House and has a village-like feel, albeit a very affluent one,

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Strawberry Hill TW2?

Strawberry Hill TW2 is largely a place of traditional town houses and town houses converted into flats. This means that the area is time-consuming to leaflet, particularly if you take pride in doing a good job.

TW2 will be one of the more affluent areas any company can target in TW postcodes and surrounding areas. Delivering leaflets to larger homes with driveways, hidden letterboxes and large areas of empty green space requires expertise. We at The Private Postman have spent time specifically focusing on carefully mapping out this area, analysing the conditions on the ground to make sure that our numbers correspond with what numbers of leaflets are in reality deliverable when the distribution is taking place.
We run regular solo distribution campaigns in TW2 and advise many companies in the area on how leaflet distribution fits in their overall marketing strategy. We generally recommend campaigns that include some repeating drops since the larger houses with affluent households can sometimes miss a leaflet coming through their door. Through multiple repeated deliveries with well organised lag time in between drops we can achieve a 100% penetration of the local market in TW2.

On the subject of doing a good job, we can help you to make sure that your leaflets are worth delivering. While there are similarities betweendesigning a good leaflet and designing a good website, they are different skills and require some differences of approach.

We can also help you keep your down the cost of leaflet delivery in Strawberry Hill TW2 thanks to our connections with some of the biggest and best print-houses in Europe.

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