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Leaflet distribution in St John’s Wood & Primrose Hill NW8

Who lives in St John’s Wood and Primrose Hill NW8?

The St John’s Wood and Primrose Hill areas are somewhat unusual in that the 60+ age good earth pic cut to sizegroup has more representation than usual, accounting for over a fifth of local residents. Having said that 30-44s are easily the single biggest age group making up about a quarter of the local population. One-person households account for about half of local homes, adding in couples without children and multi-adult households makes a total of about 75% of households which are adult-only.

Almost three quarters of people who live in these areas describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors but average income is currently only slightly more than the London average. This might come as a surprise to some people who think of NW8 as a very affluent postcode. Again this is a lesson on using averages with care. Famous residents past and present include Sir Joseph Bazalgette, Sir Thomas Beecham, Sadie Frost and Kate Moss.

What is the character of St John’s Wood and Primrose Hill?

Modern St John’s Wood is a creation of the 19th Century and part of its appeal is that it was designed around the principle of “low-density” housing. Admittedly some of the area has been redeveloped for higher-density housing; however this tends to be in the lower end of the market. Overall St John’s Wood is still an area with a respectable amount of living space, along with plenty of green spaces and good transport links to the rest of London and elsewhere – and house prices reflect this. Traditionally St John’s Wood has had strong links with London’s Jewish community and these ties still remain with the area being home to 2 synagogues, but over time it has become more diverse.
Primrose Hill is an area of traditional town houses, a number of which have now been converted into flats.

It has always been an affluent area, with the rich and famous attracted to its high-quality houses, open spaces, village atmosphere and convenient links to central London. In particular it has a reputation for being home to artists and those involved in the media. Of course, while the local celebrities, pretty much be definition, are the area’s best-known residents, there are plenty of less well-known but also affluent people in the neighbourhood.

Running a leaflet distribution campaign in the NW8 area requires real knowledge and expertise.
Specifically the area around Primrose hill needs some work to map out correctly and determine which places will be delivered to and which homes are going to be skipped.
We at The Private Postman have spent a considerable amount of time analysing the individual roads in NW8 and studying the situation on the ground.
We now train our workers to make sure they are prepared and ready to deliver the most effective campaigns in this area possible.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in St John’s Wood and Primrose Hill NW8?

Effective leaflet delivery in St John’s Wood and Primrose Hill poses a number of practical challenges. The nature of these neighbourhoods is that actually getting access to some properties is difficult either due to a high degree of security or just because of hills and stairs.

The Primrose Hill area is also a bit of a challenge to navigate. Some parts of it seem to consist of nothing but side streets leading into more side streets. This gives the area old-world charm but means that it’s very easy to get lost unless you have plenty of local knowledge.

It’s also very easy to waste good leaflets if you simply follow a traditional A to Z map. While these areas are both known for their affluence and overall this is one of the most desirable post codes in London, there are still area which are noticeably less affluent, which is why we use our own proprietary TPP mapping system to focus only on the relevant parts of the area.
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