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Leaflet delivery in Southgate N14

Who lives in Southgate N14?

In terms of age, Southgate is essentially the same as for London as a whole. As in the rest of London, almost two-thirds of homes are either multi-adult, one-person or couples without children. The lack of children in this area may be slightly surprising given that Southgate is above the London average in terms of domestic gardens and green spaces. On the other hand, Southgate is at the outer edge of London so it is possible that those wishing to start families would look a bit further out. About half of residents describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors, which is essentially the same as for London as a whole, but well below most of the areas we cover. This is another of our “younger” areas.

It's a place where some parts are very much worth targeting and others are likely to be worth targeting in future. We know which is which. Famous residents past and present include Thomas Lipton (as in tea) while the tragic Amy Winehouse was brought up in Southgate as was celebrated actor Ron Moody.

What is the character of Southgate N14?

In spite of the name, Southgate N14 is actually in North London. In fact it's about as far North as you can get while still staying in London. It's name comes from the fact that it is located in the South of Enfield, being formerly home to the South Gate into the royal hunting grounds of Enfield Chase, hence Chase Road. Modern Southgate is largely a product of the early 1930s and in particular the extension of the Piccadilly Line in 1933.

This was, of course, the time when many Jews were fleeing Europe and hence the new developments in Southgate became popular with the incoming Jewish community, these days it is also popular with Greeks, Turks and Cypriots (spreading out from nearby Palmers Green) and even has a Japanese community. It also attracts people who are looking for quality housing in the vicinity of London, but with easy access to the countryside outside it.

How can you help me with leaflet delivery in Southgate N14?

Southgate N14 is an area where we are ahead of the curve. In other words, we can organize cost-effective leaflet delivery in Southgate N14 so that our customers can get their foot in the door now and start developing a local reputation, which will stand them in good stead as Southgate develops. The way we do this is by closely monitoring which parts of Southgate are affluent now and which parts are on their way up.

If you are looking to target older professional couples, or affluent people working in central London and commuting from the suburbs - running a leaflet distribution campaign in N14 is one of the best things you can do. Most of the homes in this area are very easy to deliver to with an absolute minimum amount of blocks of flats or other inaccessible buildings.
We at The Private Postman have broken this postcode down to the most appropriate areas for distribution and that way our clients get the best value out of their N14 campaigns.
There are areas that will be challenging for any leaflet distributor and are better left alone. There are also areas that are an automatic target for anyone looking to run a distribution campaign. N14 is the latter.

On the subject of monitoring, all our customers get free access to the TPP Mercury system, so you can see who is delivering your leaflets where and when. Feel free to carry out spot checks any time you like.

Our operatives are trained to fulfil the Postman's Promise of perfect delivery every time. This includes checking all leaflets before they are put into the letterbox and removing any which have printing errors on them.

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