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Leaflet distribution in Shepherd’s Bush & Goldhawk Rd W12

Who lives in Shepherd's Bush and Goldhawk Road W12?

This is predominately a young-adult area with over half the local population being in the Kloss logo to size right crop18 to 44 age group. Correspondingly almost two-thirds of households are either one-person households or couples without children, while almost another quarter are multi-adult households. Just over half of local residents class themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors but income is only marginally higher than London average. This is another area where you need to look beyond the headline statistics. W12 is an area where there are wide divergences in income.

Famous residents past and present include Anna Ford and Nigella Lawson and the area has traditionally been home to numerous BBC employees due to the BBC studios there. It was also a regular watering hole for Roger Daltry and Pete Townsend of The Who.

What is the character of Shepherd's Bush and Goldhawk Road W12?

The character of this area could probably best be summed up by a look at local retail. On the one hand there is Shepherd's Bush Market, which has been a feature of local life for decades and is much loved by locals. This was recently subject to a controversial regeneration scheme, the success of which is still to be judged. According to the local council, the plan was intended to keep it very much a local street market rather than try to turn it into a tourist-orientated market. Down the Goldhawk Road there are still a number of independent local shops.

Towards Shepherd's Bush Green, however, there is the Westfield Shopping Centre, which is full of top-brand chain stores. In other words, Shepherd's Bush is an area where there is a wide spread of incomes. It has, however, arguably reached the point where it is now seen as a starting point for young professionals, looking to buy their first property. With that in mind, it's an area which can be reasonably expected to become increasingly affluent as the years go by.

How can you help with with leaflet distribution in Shepherd's Bush and Goldhawk Road W12?

Our TPP proprietary mapping system has been specifically created to ensure cost effective leaflet delivery in Shepherd's Bush and Goldhawk Road. We focus exclusively on the affluent parts of the area, saving you money and ensuring the delivery round is completed in minimum time.

We also ensure that your leaflets are actually delivered where they are intended to go and arrive in pristine condition. This is an area of traditional townhouses, read lots and lots of stairs. It takes time to cover this area properly. Trying to rush a delivery run to fit in with a tight schedule just leads to missed houses and damaged leaflets.

Shepherd's Bush and W12 in general is an area that will require careful inspection before running a leaflet distribution campaign. You can find a variety of different types of households and customers in W12 ranging from relatively low income households to very affluent residents. In a situation like this an expertise of well established leaflet distribution company is indispensable.
Since our systems automatically exclude businesses and council properties in an area like Shepherd's Bush we have a considerable advantage to other companies that do not necessarily follow a similar strategy.

With free access to our TPP Mercury system, you'll always be able to keep track of when and where your leaflets are being delivered and are perfectly welcome to carry out unannounced spot checks any time you wish.
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