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Leaflet distribution in Richmond TW9

Who lives in Richmond (upon Thames) TW9?

Somewhat unusually for our delivery areas, Richmond has a somewhat top-heavy demographic with the 30+ age groups being higher than for London as a whole. Notwithstanding this, one-person households and couples without children still form the mainstay of the local population (almost two thirds) but there is a higher-than-average proportion of couples with children.

Well over two thirds of local residents describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors and average income is over a third higher than for London as a whole. Famous residents past and present include several members of the royal family and a whole litany of other prominent figures from all walks of life from Rick Astley to Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of hyperlinks.

What is the character of Richmond (upon Thames) TW9?

Richmond is another one of our “technically in London” post codes, which attracts people who want to escape to somewhere quieter than the city centre but still be within easy travelling distance of central London and its many attractions. Richmond Green is a pristine example of a traditional village green, making it popular with film-makers. It has featured in programmes as diverse as Simon Shama's Power of Art and Downton Abbey. Richmond Park is a site of Special Scientific Interest (and home to many deer) while Richmond Hill is home to the factory where Remembrance-Day poppies are made. Richmond Riverside meanwhile is both a scenic spot in which to relax and a place to practice water-sports.

In spite of this, Richmond has actually developed into something of a high-tech and digital centre and is the UK or even European headquarters of a number of well-known companies including eBay and PayPal.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Richmond (upon Thames) TW9?

You can place your trust in our perfect-delivery guarantee. Quite simply, people who can afford to live in Richmond are often cash-rich and time- (and patience-) poor. In addition to training our operatives in our own perfect-delivery technique, we give them enough time to check the leaflets as they are going along and weed out any which have arrived damaged from the printers.

Time is a key part of our approach to leaflet delivery in Richmond (upon Thames) TW9 and indeed to leaflet delivery in London in general. Because we employ people who live local to our delivery areas, we have the flexibility to deliver when conditions are right and only when conditions are right. In other words, we deliver when there's plenty of light and it's dry. As far as we're concerned, trying to deliver leaflets in the rain is just a waste of time and leaflets.

For your peace of mind, we also run a rigorous back-checking system to ensure our high standards are met at all times and we provide our customers with access to the TPP Mercury system, which enables you to see who is delivering your leaflets where and when and thereby to carry out your own spot checks if you wish.

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