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Leaflet distribution in Palmers Green N13

Who lives in Palmers Green N13?

Well the local nickname for this area is Palmers Greek, although actually the local population is heavily Cypriot rather than Greek, another nickname is Little Cyprus, which is actually a fairly reasonable reflection of the area. Local demographics are fairly in line with London as a whole with the exception that the under-18 population is somewhat lower than standard. As is typical for areas close to the heart of London, one-person households and couples without children account for about two thirds of local households while about half of residents class themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors.

This is exactly the same as for London as a whole. In other words, this is, pretty much literally, an area of two halves, the trick is to ensure your leaflets are delivered to the right one. Famous residents past and present include Joe Strummer, Douglas Hill and Paul Dean. The area has had plenty of celebrity visitors courtesy of the Intimate Theatre, which has hosted such varied luminaries as Roger Moore and David Bowie.

What is the character of Palmers Green N13?

Although the area of Palmers Green has been known since at least the 13th century, it remained essentially agricultural land until the start of the 20th, when wealthy landowners began to give up some of their country estates for building. Of course as London expanded and transport improved, the area began to develop too and is now what could be described as a semi-commuter town.

It's classed as part of London, but it's at breathing distance from the town centre and with Enfield and the New Forest relatively close by, it's an easy “escape to the country”. Local life in Palmers Green reflects this. On the one hand you have Palmers Green shopping centre with a combination of well-known chains and independent shops. On the other hand, you have a regular farmers market and local entertainment.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Palmers Green N13?

The N13 area is a fantastic place to target with leaflet distribution. It comprises almost exclusively of houses rather than large blocks of flats. The delivery in this area is very straight forward as far as the situation on the ground goes. It is therefore relatively easy to cover this postcode thoroughly and get a very good penetration of the local market.
There will be parts of London that are not suitable for leaflet distribution. The density of large apartment buildings and businesses will have an impact on the cost-efficiency of leafleting. N13 is the exact opposite of this. If you are looking to reach the highest percentage of local population, leaflet distribution might just be the way to do that in Palmers Green.

As we mentioned this is very much a mixed area. If you are looking for cost effective leaflet delivery in Palmers Green N13 then you really need to focus on the affluent areas, which is why our TPP proprietary mapping system is so useful.

We can also help you to keep costs down by making the most of our contacts with some of the largest print houses in Europe to get yourleaflets printed at the best possible price.

Then we'll deliver them in perfect condition every time. That's the TPP guarantee.

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