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Leaflet distribution in New Barnet EN4

Who lives in New Barnet EN4?

The demographics of this area are pretty similar to those of nearby High Barnet. Again it's “top-heavy” with people aged 45+, with a typical number of under 18s and a squeeze in the 18-44 age range. In other words, this is a family-orientated suburb, which mainly attracts people who commute to London but is convenient for those who need to go further afield. Correspondingly the majority of households are couples with or without children with a relatively small number of one-person households and very little representation of any other housing style.

As you would probably expect, the number of people describing themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors is about 10% higher than for London as a whole and likewise average income is also about 10% higher than the London average. We can't find much in the way of famous residents from this area, although there are certainly plenty of affluent ones.

What is the character of New Barnet EN4?

In this case New is a relative term. New Barnet is certainly more modern than High Barnet, but it dates from the middle of the 19th century when New Barnet station was built. It was actually intended to serve the existing population of High Barnet, but it was about a mile away from the town centre on land which was then essentially undeveloped and the appeal of owning a property which was only a short distance from a railway station with a direct and efficient link to London quickly became obvious to developers. Interestingly in the 1960s and 1970s, New Barnet actually became home to several office blocks built in the vicinity of New Barnet station, although some of these are now flats. There are still a number of independent shops in the area, although there is ongoing debate about their future.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in New Barnet EN4?

As always we ensure that we keep up-to-date with local developments. Although New Barnet is already an affluent area, it is still of interest to developers and has plenty more potential.

By keeping our famous TPP proprietary mapping system up to date, we ensure that we can always offer cost-effective leaflet delivery in all our postcode areas.

We also provide the highest quality of delivery. Our system builds in flexibility to work around bad weather, i.e. rain and snow. Because we work with operatives who live locally to their delivery areas and allow them plenty of time to do the job properly, we are able to go out in breaks in the weather, even if it's just for short periods to do part of a walk, if that's what it takes. On the rare days where it literally is non-stop rain (or snow) we prefer to stop deliveries rather than plough on because we know that soggy leaflets make a bad impression on prospective customers and can actually put people off doing business with the company in question. Basically we've learned better than to try getting the better of the great British weather.

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