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Leaflet distribution in Maida Vale & West Kilburn W9

Who lives in Maida Vale and West Kilburn?

As is typical of our delivery areas, there is a high proportion of younger people in Maida Leaflet Distribution in W9Vale and West Kilburn with about half the local population being between 18 and 44. There is also a high proportion of single people (around half the population), with a correspondingly high proportion of one-person households. Over half of local householders are associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors. Income varies widely throughout this area, which means that official statistics need to be combined with local knowledge. In other words, there are very affluent customers in this area but also a noticeable percentage of lower-value residents. Famous residents past and present include Nancy Mitford, Sir Alec Guiness and Lily Allen.

What is the character of Maida Vale and West Kilburn?

The southern end of Maida Vale is popularly known as Little Venice, which gives a good sense of the area's appeal. This is an area of late Victorian and Edwardian townhouses, most of which are now, of course, flats. West Kilburn, while still attractive, has more of a vibrant buzz about it. This area is sometimes jokingly called “County Kilburn” due to its popularity with Irish immigrants, leading to a large population of Irish descent. There are now, however, many other ethnic groups represented there.
Leaflet Distribution in W9
How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Maida Vale and West Kilburn?

For cost-effective leaflet delivery in Maida Vale and West Kilburn it is absolutely vital that you work with a partner who focusses purely on the high-value, which is to say, affluent, parts of these areas. Otherwise about 40% of your leaflets will end up with customers in whom you have no interest and who have no interest in you.

Leaflet distribution in W9 is therefore challenging for both the distributors on the ground and the mapping team that outlines which areas will get covered and which are better to be omitted.

In order to get all your leaflets in the right hands we have spent extra time breaking down each individual street and road in W9 and determining sometimes down to a specific house where we should deliver and where we will only pass through.

You will also need a partner who will make sure that your leaflets consistently end up at their intended destination. Maida Vale and West Kilburn are products of the “Upstairs Downstairs” era and there is a good reason for that nickname. To this should be added the fact that many of these properties are now flats and some have multiple entrances. All of these need to be visited for your campaign to reach full efficiency.

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