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Leaflet Distribution N11

The N11 postcode covers the areas of Arnos Grove and New Southgate. It neighbours on South Barnet in the North, North Finchley in the West, Muswell Hill in the South and Southgate in the East. N11 requires some extra attention when mapping out due to the way it is segmented between well-off households of people working in the city and some notable pockets of council blocks and local authority housing. It is in many ways similar to it's neighbours when it comes to the situation on the ground. It is one of the greener London postcodes. Muswell Hill Golf Club, Albert Road Recreation Grounds, Arnos Park, Bethune Park, Brunswick Park and New Southgate Recreation Grounds are some of the larger green spaces in N11. There are also at least half a dozen more smaller green parks and areas here. On top of that there is a number of large green areas within 5 minutes of the N11 border. Alexandra Park and Broomfield Park are good examples.

N11 is very well connected both with Central London and many places outside of the capital. Bounds Green and Arnos Grove station provide locals the access to the Piccadilly line that runs through some of the most desirable places in central London all the way to the Heathrow Airport.
Great Northern and Thameslink services also run through New Southgate station located right in the middle of the postcode and Bowes Park station in the eastern part of N11.

Leaflet Distribution N11

The whole postcode can be divided into four quadrants. The north-eastern part of N11 is a mixture of beautiful large terraced Victorian properties, some more industrial areas and occasional group of council properties. The North London Business Park is also located here. A good number of local residents do commute to Central London for work but there is a considerable level of business activity happening in N11 itself.
The nicer terraced homes and easy to deliver addresses can be found especially close to Arnos Grove station and New Southgate Cemetery. A considerable part of this segment is excluded from our system due to the number of business addresses and hard to access council buildings.

The North-western quadrant of N11 is easier to understand and operate in. There is a large number of terraced houses in this area and the architecture can be quite unique. The local combination of Victorian terraced houses and more modern 20th century small homes is quite unique. Some parts of this area have almost a village like feel and are a very good example of what a London suburb with 20th century homes looks like. We have carefully gone through each road here and our mapping system focuses on the best parts of the postcode and households where we can guarantee delivery.

The South-western quadrant of N11 includes some of the nicest properties in the postcode. Even though there are not many since a big part of this area is covered with the Muswell Hill Golf Club.
In many ways this area is still part of the neighbouring Alexandra Palace and the homes and general feel of the neighbourhoods reflect that.