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Leaflet distribution W10

W10 is a postcode covering the area of Ladbroke Grove. It neighbours on Kensal Green in the North, East Acton in the West, Notting Hill in the South and Maida Vale in the West.
It very much combines the characters of it's neighbours.
Just over 60% of the local residents describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors. The average income however is only slightly higher than London average.
This is indicative of the character of W10. Some parts of it are very affluent and some parts tend to be more filled with local authority housing and lower income households.
Some time back it used to be seen as a cheaper alternative to live to some of it's neighbours like Notting Hill or Maida Vale. Nowadays Ladbroke Grove is one of the more in demand affluent areas of London.

Leaflet Distribution W10

If we start in the Northern corner of W10 we'll find ourselves in Kensal Town. This is the only part of this postcode located north of Harrow Road. It is mostly filled with two types of households. Larger houses can be found around the Queen's Park Gardens area and the rest of postcode is filled with terraced houses built in the mid 20th century. Compared to the rest of W10 this area is slightly less affluent. It is however still a great target for leaflet distribution since the households include families with children and they are all very easily deliverable. This level of penetration is perfect for local businesses like restaurants.

If we move south of Harrow Road and past some of the industrial buildings right below it we find ourselves in the western part of W10. It is largely filled with council estates and hard to reach apartment buildings. These are mostly excluded from our mapping system which allows us to focus on the more desirable parts of the postcode.

Some of the best parts of W10 outside of Kensal Town can be found North of the Larbdroke Grove station. Most of the roads here are lined with Victorian Terraced houses. These are generally split into multiple households but all of them are still easily reached with leaflets.
This part of W10 is very much in line with what one would expect from it's southern neighbour W11 or Notting Hill.
There are some stairs to battle here but our distributors are well prepared for this and in planning our distribution rounds we make sure that none of our workers get overloaded with physical challenges.

A postcode like W10 is a perfect example of why a good mapping system is indispensable when planning a leaflet distribution campaign. We make sure to exclude all businesses, local authority and hard to reach blocks of flats. This allows us to provide you with accurate figures and ultimately save you money by running deliveries only in desirable and deliverable places. We have spent a considerable amount time mapping out each postcode in London to provide all our clients with the most accurate figures and breakdowns of each area.


overspill for Notting Hill. It also has a noticeable Eastern European community. Over recent years, Ladbroke Grove has steadily grown more affluent and seems set to continue that way. Geographically it arguably enjoys the best of London.

It is close to the centre of town but also close to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, which meaning that residents have plenty of open spaces to enjoy. There are excellent transport links into London's key business districts and the short distance to Paddington station opens up plenty of longer-distance transport options, including the Heathrow Express.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Ladbroke Grove W10 ?

The key to cost effective leaflet delivery in Ladbroke Grove is to remember that this is an area of contrasts. Realistically speaking undertaking leaflet distribution throughout Ladbroke Grove is going to waste a lot of money and time. That's why our TPP proprietary maps focus on the relevant areas and only those areas.

We are very proud of our maps and work hard to keep them up to date. Much as we love both Google maps and the trusty London A to Z, the only way to keep track of local life is to head out to local streets and see what is going on. London is always changing and Ladbroke Grove in particular is in a continual state of (re)development at the moment. This means that the only way to ensure that you reach all the right customers and only the right customers is to keep a very sharp eye on what is happening locally in the Ladbroke Grove area.

Of course having a great map is only part of the story. The other part is making sure that your leaflets actually do arrive in every house in perfect condition. Our professional operatives take the time and make the effort to climb up the numerous flights of stairs in Ladbroke Grove and are trained in the TPP perfect-delivery technique, which ensures that each and every leaflet arrives in pristine condition.

& that is exactly why – The Best Use TPP- The Private Postman

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