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Leaflet distribution in Kew SW14

Who lives in Kew?

Kew is an interesting area in that although the 30-44s are the biggest age-group, making up about a third of the local population and the under-18s are the next biggest group at about a fifth of the local population, the overall demographic spread is actually fairly even. Correspondingly about a fifth of local households are couples with children, but about two thirds are either one-person households or couples without children. Over two thirds of local residents class themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors and income is about a third higher than London average. Famous inhabitants past and present include numerous royals, nobles and artists and more recently scientists (particularly botanists) such as William Alton, the first director of Kew Gardens and more recently show-business figures such as Milton Jones the comedian.

What is the character of Kew?

The Kew area is dominated by Kew Gardens, more correctly known as the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Although it is at the edge of London, the excellent transport links make it easy to work in the centre of the city or even further afield in Docklands. Kew itself is a tranquil area with low crime rates and good schools. Being on the fringes of London, it has, if not a country atmosphere, then at least a more laid-back outlook than the buzzy core of the capital. As is typical in the few parts of London with extensive open spaces, there is an active sports scene. In fact Kew is actually the home of Putney Town Rowing Club, which moved there in 1986. Having said that, Putney still remains the dominant force in rowing, Kew tends to be home to land-based sports, particularly bowling.

SW14 is a perfect area for leaflet distribution. The affluent nature of the locals is undeniable and any company focusing on a household or garden related service will be perfectly appropriate for leaflet distribution in SW14.
There is a considerable percentage of larger houses in this area and with that in mind we make sure that the numbers of households in our mapping system represent the situation on the ground. The density of population is going to be slightly lower than some other areas of London but that does not mean that SW14 is unsuitable for leaflet distribution.
We run a regular solo distribution service here and many of our clients report real success with some of our more tailored targeting. Not only that we have a group of local distributors that know the SW14 are very well and are able to run incredibly effective distribution campaigns for a variety of businesses.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Kew SW14?

Kew is another area which is fairly easy to navigate but effective leaflet delivery in Kew means being prepared to put in a lot of walking. This makes extra work for our operatives and our back-checkers. We're prepared to put in this effort so you get optimal results.

We focus on the affluent part of Kew only. Admittedly this is most of it, but there are still healthy savings to be made by trimming off the less affluent areas. Not only does this reduce costs, but it also reduces the time needed for the leaflet distribution campaign.

As well as using GPS tracking, we also give our customers free access to the TPP Mercury system, which immediately alerts them when leaflet deliveries are being started and tells them exactly where the operative is.

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