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Leaflet distribution in Kentish Town NW5

Who lives in Kentish Town NW5?

For much of its history, Kentish Town was arguably the poor relation to nearby Belsize Kloss logo to size right cropPark and Hampstead. Today, however it is a highly-desirable area in its own right. Interestingly not only does Kentish Town have a fairly even demographic spread, in terms of ages, but the number of 60+ residents is slightly above the London average, which is unusual for our delivery areas.

Living arrangements, however, are in line with our other areas with about two thirds of households being either one-person households or couples without children.There is also a fairly high number of multi-adult households. Almost three quarters of people who live in this area describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors and average income is about a quarter more than the London average.

This is somewhat ironic since Kentish Town's most famous resident is arguably Karl Marx. Other famous residents past and present include Tom Conti, Giles Coren and Eddie Grant.

What is the character of Kentish Town?

The name Kentish Town has nothing to do with the town of Kent, it is believed to come from the old English “Ken Ditch”, which refers to the bed of a water course, in this case the Fleet river, which now runs underground through the area. In fact Kentish Town has stronger connections with Oxford and Cambridge than it does with Kent, since several parts of it were owned by colleges of these universities (some still are).

Perhaps this was part of the reason why Kentish Town became a centre of manufacture for pianos and organs. This industry dwindled during the mid-20th Century due to a combination of war and the rising cost of property in London, which made it more attractive to move industry out of the city centre (particularly with continually-improving transport links).

Notwithstanding this, the area has long been noted for its music scene and has been both home and host to numerous famous musicians and bands. It is also a popular film location, probably the best-known film set in the area is About a Boy.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Kentish Town NW5?

As always we trim off the fat to keep your costs lean. Removing the quarter of local houses which are non-premium makes for a noticeable saving in time and money.

We ensure that your leaflets are actually delivered to all relevant houses. Kentish town is a challenging delivery area. As well as being hilly there are some streets which seem to consist entirely of long, steep, flights of stairs. Additionally there are numerous properties which started out as townhouses and are now flats, some of which have multiple entrances. Effective leaflet delivery in Kentish townNW5 takes time and commitment.

You have the benefit of our perfect-delivery guarantee. No matter how difficult the house is to reach, your leaflet will be received in perfect condition – every time.


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