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Leaflet distribution in Kensington W8

Who lives in Kensington?

Almost a third of Kensington residents are aged 30-44 with there being a fairly even good earth pic cut to sizespread across the other age groups. Nearly three-quarters of households are one-person households or couples without children. This tallies with the fact that almost half of people living in the area describe themselves as single, although over a third are married. Almost three quarters of residents are associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors so it is no surprize that income here is about a third above the London average. The desirability of Kensington means that it has a whole litany of famous residents past and present, from Royalty and business tycoons to celebrities such as Nigella Lawson and Madonna.

What is the character of the area?

Kensington is a Royal borough in every sense of the phrase. As well as being the location of Kensington Palace, with its famous gardens, the whole area is full of embassies and the residences of top officials thereof. Kensington is also the location of numerous famous cultural institutions including the Natural History Museum, The Science Museum and the Albert Hall (which hosts the annual BBC Proms). In terms of residential housing, Kensington is largely composed of Victorian and Georgian terraces, with a sprinkling of exclusive modern developments. The desirability of the area has led to vast numbers of these older town houses being turned into flats. Because of this, modern Kensington is now one of the most densely-populated parts of London. The demand for property here has occasionally led to this form of development being taken to extremes. In 2012 a flat which was smaller than a snooker table went on the market for £90K.

It did, however, have a Kensington and Chelsea parking permit, which is a hugely desirable commodity in its own right.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Kensington W8?

Surprizing as this may sound, the fact that we trim off the less-affluent homes in Kensington to save you money, is not actually what we consider the most important aspect of our service in this market.

The fact of the matter is that in Kensington the cost of leafleting the wrong houses is actually far lower than the cost of either not leafleting the right houses or leafleting the right houses in the wrong way. As a historic borough, Kensington is full of discreet streets and endless flights of stairs. It takes commitment and professionalism to visit each and every affluent home, which is why we are so careful about recruitment and training and why we take care to ensure that our rates of pay reflect the difficulty of the delivery area.

Our distributors go through the best training in the industry and benefit from the best pay of any comparable company in London. This amongst other things ensures real dedication to the job and making sure that our delivery rate is as high as possible.

In addition to making sure the right houses are covered, it’s also important that they are covered in the right way.That means creating a leaflet which conveys your message effectively and arrives in the recipient’s home in perfect condition every, single time. We can give you all the help you need with designing and printing an effective leaflet and we stake our reputation on the TPP perfect delivery guarantee.

Leaflet distribution in Kensington will offer you access to some of the most affluent customers in London and we at The Private Postman are the experts in servicing this historic borough.

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