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Leaflet Distribution in Highgate N6

Who lives in Highgate N6?
Highgate is one of the three parts of the “Ham and High” area (the others being Hampstead and Highbury). Unusually for London, this is an area with a relatively high population of people aged 45+, although the core 18-44 demographic is still solid. In spite of this, one person households account for over a third of local homes (above the London average), whereas couples with children make up less than a fifth, (well under the London average).

Perhaps one of the possible explanations for this is that only a very small number of houses in Highgate have domestic gardens, although this is somewhat compensated for by the fact that the number of public green spaces in Highgate is more than double that in London as a whole.

Almost three quarters of people in Highgate describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors, which is significantly above the London average. Income is correspondingly over 15% higher than London in general. Famous residents past and present include Glenda Jackson, T.S. Eliot, Geoffrey Palmer and Peter Sellers. There are plenty of famous residents in Highgate cemetery, including, rather ironically, Karl Marx. There is also purportedly a local vampire who lives (if that’s the right term) in the cemetery.

What is the character of Highgate?

The heart of Highgate is arguably the area known as Highgate Village, which sits at the top of Highgate Hill. It combines the amenities of 21st Century London with superb Georgian architecture and the air of a traditional, country village. Its position provides some mental breathing space from the pace of central London while offering superb views of the city, quite literally, below it. There are also plenty of notable Victorian buildings in the area, along with a supply of typically Victorian terraced housing.

Like its neighbours, Highgate suffered badly in World War II, however as is typical of London, this was not all bad news as it allowed for the building of more modern housing, which, for the most part, was and is still in keeping with the character of the area. The Highgate Conservation Society now keeps a watchful eye on developments, literally and metaphorically, to ensure that progress does not destroy the area’s attractiveness.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Highgate N6?

We ensure that all the right areas are covered in the right way. Highgate village is a place where residential flats for affluent individuals and families are located above and between local shops. This means operatives have to be careful to deliver the right quantity of leaflets to the right letterboxes.
Likewise operatives have to take the time to visit the hidden streets, which can be some of the most crucial leaflet delivery areas in Highgate. For example, you can walk down a short part of the hill away from the main village to find a tucked-away affluent housing development. Naturally there’s also plenty of stairs to keep our operatives nice and fit.

As we’re perfectly happy for you to check on our professional approach for yourself, we provide all our customers with free access to the TPP Mercury system, which enables you to see who is delivering what, where and when at any time. Feel free to carry out your own spot checks.


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