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Leaflet distribution in Highbury N5

Who lives in Highbury N5?
Although technically a district in Islington, Highbury has a lot in common with Kloss logo to size right cropneighbouring Hampstead. In fact the local newspaper is called the “Ham and High”. The area is also close to Hampstead Heath, the architecture is pretty similar and the demographics are much the same too. The 18-44 age group makes up well over half of the population. This is a much higher percentage than for London as a whole. About a quarter of local residents are over 45s, with the rest, of course, being of school age.

Almost three quarters of people in Highbury describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors, which is massively above the London average. It’s therefore hardly a surprize that average income is almost 20% higher than for London as a whole. Famous residents past and present include Clive Anderson, Joseph Chamberlain, Nick Hornby and Boris Johnson.

What is the character of Highbury?

Again Highbury is much more like Hampstead than Islington in general. Where Islington is one of the most densely-built parts of London, Highbury is still a place where there is space to breathe. Highbury was essentially undeveloped until the very end of the 18th Century when it became a place to build large homes in the style of Italian villas. Towards the end of the 19th Century, the need for housing became more pressing and builders switched to typical Victorian terraces.

Sadly, some of these older properties were destroyed during WW2 after which still more were deliberately demolished to make way for even higher-density housing (i.e. flats) to house London’s booming post-war population. Fortunately much did survive and Highbury is still a visually attractive area as well as an affluent one.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Highbury N5?

First of all we know our way about the area, literally. Highbury is easier to navigate than Hampstead (but then practically anywhere is London is easier to navigate than Hampstead), but it still has plenty of side streets and tucked-away places which are easy to overlook.
Secondly we take the time to do the job properly. Another way in which Highbury resembles Hampstead is that there are a lot of stairs to tackle and many of those staircases are very long and steep. There are also plenty of hills. It is physically impossible to carry out leaflet delivery in Highbury at the same sort of speed as you could in, say, Fulham.
Thirdly we make sure our operatives are motivated to get up those stairs and get the leaflets through each and every letterbox. It’s fine giving people time to do a job, but frankly, unless the pay makes it worthwhile to put in the time and effort people are still going to cut corners wherever they can. That’s human nature. Back-checking may pick up on when people are doing this (assuming the back-checkers have time and motivation to do their job properly), but that can still cause problems for your business.

Distributing leaflets in the N5 are can be challenging compared to other parts of London. Exactly for this reason we at The Private Postman have spent a considerable amount of time mapping out, testing and studying this area. We know which parts of this postcode are worth targeting with leaflet drop and which areas are better to be left alone.
Delivering leaflets to areas with a large amount of council properties and businesses is generally not advisable and we made sure to isolate all these parts of N5 to provide the best cost-effective leaflet distribution campaigns possible for you.

Do you re-leaflet an area and risk people feeling spammed or do you leave it be and accept that your leaflets have not been delivered as you intended? Paying people a decent wage to do the job willingly and properly first time and every time is more than just ethics, it’s good business sense.

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