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Leaflet distribution in Fulham & Parsons Green SW6

Who lives in Fulham and Parson's Green SW6?

If orange is the new black then Fulham is the new Chelsea. Actually it does have its own football team, albeit one which is far less famous than Chelsea FC (which is actually located in Fulham). These days it also has a decent sprinkling of footballers and their WAGS. Essentially they and other affluent buyers moved in as Chelsea became ever-more expensive and Fulham offered a more affordable alternative.

These days Fulham is arguably an annex of Chelsea, albeit one which is still somewhat more affordable. It's very much a young-person's area with the 18-44 demographic being much higher than for London as a whole. Interestingly the number of people living in one-person households or as couples (with or without children) is pretty much in line with the London average but the percentage of people living in multi-adult houses is much higher.

In spite of the youthful demographic, over two thirds of local residents describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors with average income being over a third higher than for London overall. Famous residents past and present include Toni Halliday, Lily Allen and Daniel Radcliffe.

What is the character of Fulham and Parson's Green SW6?

One for the pub quiz, Fulham formed part of the diocese of Fulham and Gibraltar, yes, that's Gibraltar as in rock of Gibraltar. Fulham's early history is unclear but it was certainly well settled by the 12th century and by the 18th had become a notorious den of vice, well-visited by London's affluent but not settled by them. Modern Fulham is actually pretty well-known for its entertainment options, it's just become a whole lot more affluent. Casinos and brothels have made way for genteel institutions such as the Hurlingham Club, which has a waiting list for membership rumoured to be 15 years' long. Thankfully there are plenty of other options for those unwilling to wait. One one side of Fulham there is the green, leafiness of places like Chiswick and Kew, on the other side there is the liveliness of Chelsea and central London, to which there are excellent transport links.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Fulham and Parson's Green SW6?

SW6 is one of the best areas to run a leaflet distribution campaign in London. It is fantastic for all building companies and all household product focused businesses. The long roads full of Victorian era terraced houses provide an absolutely perfect environment for leaflet distribution. We run leaflet distribution campaigns in SW6 on regular basis and average 20,000 leaflets delivered to this area every week.
The clients that are to be found in this area will be mostly affluent however unlike some other very affluent London postcodes the people living in SW6 generally stay in London all year around. These are quite often professionals and well-off families.
If you are going to run a leaflet distribution campaign in London looking for affluent households you have to at least consider including SW6 and Fulham in your plans.

One of the first points to understand about Fulham, is that although it does have a significant affluent population, there is still a noticeable lower-income element. Therefore in terms of cost-effective leaflet delivery in Fulham and Parson's Green SW6, it makes sense to trim off these areas, which is why we have our TPP proprietary mapping system.

Our TPP Mercury system is also proprietary and enables you to see which of our operatives is/are delivering your leaflets where and when. So you can go and check on progress (and quality) any time you like.

Alternatively you can just trust us to manage your leaflet distribution campaign in London for you. Our combination of careful selection and training of our operatives, combined with our rigorous back-checking is all designed to ensure we fulfil our postman's promise of perfect delivery every time.

And that is exactly why – The Best Use TPP - The Private Postman

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