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Leaflet Distribution in Crouch End N8

Who lives in Crouch End N8?

Where there are hills there are also valleys and pretty, green Crouch End is tucked away in Kloss logo to size right cropone of them. At current time the area has a slightly older demographic. Those aged 29 and under make up just over a third of the local population. The 30-44 age group is well above the London average and the 45+ age groups slightly above it. In spite of this, one-person households and couples without children account for about two thirds of local homes, which again is noticeably above London as a whole.

Over three quarters of people in Crouch end describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors and average income is about 50% higher than for London overall. In other words, these are people who can afford the highest standards and will look for companies which they can trust to deliver them. This is why we offer the TPP perfect-delivery guarantee. Famous residents past and present include Peter Capaldi, Boris Johnson, James McAvoy and Simon Pegg.

What is the character of Crouch End N8?

This is another part of London which has the air of a village tucked safely away from the noise and crowds at the centre of the city. The area is full of greenery from Highgate Wood and Queen’s Wood to Alexandra Park and Finsbury Park to playing fields to the large number of domestic gardens (again well above the London average). Like Hampstead Heath (which is also reasonably close), these spaces act as lungs for the area and also provide a mental buffer from the hustle and bustle of London. Crouch End has a thriving community arts scene and is also popular as a backdrop for TV and films. Somewhat ironically it features regularly in Eastenders.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Crouch End N8?

As we mentioned before, Crouch End is one of the most affluent parts of London. This is therefore valuable marketing territory for any business and it quite literally pays to ensure that it is covered appropriately. While the area is very easy to navigate, operatives carrying out leaflet delivery in Crouch End need to be prepared to climb one flight of stairs after another. This takes time and effort and operatives need to know that their pay reflects this.
Operatives also need to approach the delivery professionally. Each leaflet has to arrive at its destination in perfect condition. Frankly people who can afford to live in an area like Crouch End do not have to waste their time with leaflets which are in anything less than a pristine state.

Crouch End and the general area of N8 is quite often overlooked by companies looking to target affluent parts of London. The general focus is on Hampstead, West Hampstead and other areas that steer more North-West. However N8 will be one of the best places for leaflets distribution campaign for companies looking for affluent clients.
One of the advantages of areas like N8 compared to some to very wealthy parts of central London is the fact that many residents actually have families that live and spend most of the year in their London homes. The chance of your leaflet being picked up by someone that can make a purchasing decision is going to be really good in Crouch End compared to other places in London.

As part of our perfect delivery guarantee, we undertake that we only deliver leaflets when the weather makes it suitable to do so. This ensures both that leaflets arrive without water damage and that operatives can actually complete the delivery safely. As we mentioned before, there are a lot of flights of stairs in this area and they can get very slippery when wet. Carrying out deliveries in the rain encourages operatives to miss houses if they feel unsafe accessing them (often with good reason). This is why we only work in the dry.

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