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Leaflet distribution in Chiswick and Turnham Green W4

Who lives in Chiswick and Turnham Green?

As is common in affluent areas in Central London, there is a high proportion of young Kloss logo to size right croppeople in Chiswick and Turnham Green with 18-44s making up over half of the population. As you would expect roughly half the population describe themselves as single and over two-thirds of the population either live alone or as part of a couple without children. Almost three-quarters of people in Chiswick and Turnham Green describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors with the result that average income here is about a third higher than the London average. Famous residents past and present include William Hogarth (after whom the Hogarth Roundabout is named), E. M. Forster, Kim Wilde and Hugh Grant.

What is the character of Chiswick and Turnham Green?

Chiswick and Turnham Green are both places which attract people who want to be able to choose between the energy of central London and the leafy tranquillity of this attractive western suburb. The northern side of Chiswick is home to Chiswick High Street and much of the local housing, whereas the southern side is more open and merges with Richmond. This means that Chiswick and Turnham Green are both a short distance away from the famous Kew Gardens and the London Wetland Centre. This area is a popular choice for people keen on sport since Dukes Meadows (so called because the land belonged to the Duke of Devonshire) now provides a popular sports and recreation venue, including hosting a golf club. It's also near to both Fulham and Chelsea, with their respective football teams and on the route of the famous Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Chiswick and Turnham Green?

First of all, our unique mapping system trims off the less affluent areas in Chiswick and Turnham Green where leaflet delivery is simply an expense rather than a benefit.These make up about a quarter of this area so this is a substantial saving for our customers.

Secondly we can precision-target areas for specific requirements. For example, Chiswick overall has relatively slim pickings for gardening companies, since only about a fifth of houses have gardens – but we know where they are so we can get your leaflets where they need to be.

Thirdly we offer the TPP perfect-delivery guarantee. Chiswick and Turnham Green are both fairly easy to navigate but there's a lot of walking and a lot of houses.Our operatives are all trained by us to ensure that each leaflet arrives in perfect condition – every time.

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