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Leaflet distribution in Chelsea SW10

Who lives in Chelsea SW10?

Chelsea has a long connection with royalty, nobility, aristocracy and affluent society in general. It forms part of the borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Kensington being home to Kensington Palace. Of course royalty and the like tend to want to have security to protect them, hence Chelsea Barracks and the Chelsea Royal Hospital with its population of Chelsea Pensioners.

It may not be a huge surprise then that the 30+ population is clearly above the London average and the number of one-person households is significantly higher than for London as a whole, while the number of couples and in particular couples with children is markedly lower. About three quarters of local residents describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors with average income being around a third higher than for London as a whole.

Chelsea's reputation has made it a magnet for the rich and famous indeed the term “Sloanie” was based on Sloane Square and used to describe the type of wealthy young women who did her shopping there. It's been home to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and is now home to Roman Abramovich.

What is the character of Chelsea SW10?

When looked at closely, Chelsea SW10 is a rather curious place. In the 19th Century, it was London's bohemian quarter, home to most of London's top artists of the time. By the 20th Century it was essentially a moderately affluent but otherwise unremarkable borough. In many ways it was arguably a feeder to neighbouring Kensington. Kensington houses the blue-blooded, while Chelsea housed those who served them. They might not have royal blood in their veins, but they certainly knew their table manners. Then the 1960s happened and Chelsea SW10 became the place to be and be seen and it has been on the up ever since.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Chelsea SW10?

Chelsea SW10 is one of those boroughs where only perfection will stand a chance. We'll give you a free consultation to ensure that your leaflet is up to the job. Please speak to us before you do a whole print run. Even if your design is great overall, a few minor tweaks may make a world of difference to your results. If your leaflet design has more fundamental issues, we'll tell you so honestly. We'd rather tell you up front and see what we can do to help you revise your plans, even if that means delaying the job, than take your money for aleaflet delivery campaign in Chelsea SW10 which we know is unlikely to reach its full potential.

We can also help you get great deals on printing thanks to our contacts with a wide range of print houses.

Even with the best printers, however, realistically, you're going to get the odd, dudd leaflet here and there. With us, that's fine because our operatives will take the time to remove them as they go to ensure your customers only receive the best leaflets, perfectly delivered every time.

& that is exactly why – The Best Use TPP- The Private Postman

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