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Leaflet distribution in Camden and Primrose Hill NW1

Leaflet distribution in Camden and Primrose Hill NW1

Who lives in Camden and Primrose Hill?

Although the Camden and Primrose Hill area has a fairly even demographic spread, the 30-44s are the single biggest age group by a small margin.Only about a fifth of households have children, while almost half are one-person households. About half of households consist of single people and about another third belong to married couples. The vast majority of Camden householders are associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors. Only about a quarter of the population are in other occupations. This tallies with the fact that the average income in Camden is about 25% higher than the London average. Famous residents, past and present, include Amy Winehouse, Kate Moss and Charles Dickens.

What is the character of the area?

Camden and Primrose Hill is an area of contrasts. Camden High Street and its surrounding areas are some of the most energetic and vibrant parts of London. At one end there is the legendary Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club and at the other there is the highly respected Camden Roundhouse. In between there is the Electric Ballroom, the Camden Lock leisure area and, of course, Camden Market (in fact there is a wide selection of markets). Moving away from this main thoroughfare, however, it becomes obvious that there is a very different side to the area. The quiet, green spaces of local parks, including Primrose Hill itself and Regent’s Park, are popular with locals and visitors alike while the streets surrounding them are a colourful and quirky combination of independent businesses and residential housing.

Leaflet Distribution NW1

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Camden and Primrose Hill NW1

First of all we have removed the council house estates and commercial properties from our delivery maps. Although Camden and Primrose Hill is, overall, a very affluent area, there are still about 25% of residents in less-affluent circumstances and for customers entrusting us with high-end leaflet delivery in London, delivering to these areas is a waste of time and leaflets.

Secondly our detailed local knowledge allows us to help you get the most out of your delivery campaign. For example, only about a fifth of houses in Camden and Primrose Hill have gardens.We know where these houses are and we can tell you from personal observation that many of these gardens are actually quite substantial.This means that although Camden and Primrose Hill overall will be of little interest to companies involved in gardening, some parts of the area are very much worth targeting.

Camden and the surrounding areas in the NW1 postcode can be a challenging part of London to cover for any leaflet distribution company. We at The Private Postman have spent an extensive period of time testing and researching each part of NW1 with our team.
We can help you target the very upmarket areas of Primrose hill as well as the best parts of Camden and also more middle class areas in this postcode.

Leaflet Distribution NW1

Thirdly when we say that we cover all affluent parts of Camden and Primrose Hill, we mean it. Although this part of London is substantially easier to navigate than some of our other delivery areas, there are still plenty of tucked-away side streets and mews which are easy to overlook (or ignore). We make sure that they are covered.

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