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Leaflet Distribution in Bayswater W2

We are the Local leaflet distributors and experts in leaflet Distribution in Bayswater W2.

Who lives in Bayswater W2 ?

The 30-44 age group accounts for over a third of residents in Bayswater, followed by the Kloss logo to size right crop18 to 29s who account for just over a fifth of the local population. There is a fairly even spread among other age groups. Slightly less than a third of households have children, whereas almost half are single-person households. Over half of Bayswater residents class themselves as single while just under a third are married. Almost three quarters of residents are associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors. Only about a quarter of the population are in other occupations. This tallies with the fact that the average income in Bayswater is over 25% higher than the London average. Famous residents past and present include J.M. Barrie, Alexander Flemming and Keira Knightly.

What is the character of the area?

Most of Bayswater dates from the Victorian era, although most of the elegant townhouses are now flats and studios. There are also a limited number of more modern properties, such as the Hallfield Estate, which provide more affordable housing options. Although the area itself is densely populated, the fact that there are numbers of small squares interspersed with the housing does help to give the feeling of more space – as does the area's proximity to Hyde Park. Queensway, Westbourne Grove are Edgeware Road all provide a variety of lively places to shop, eat and socialize. Many of the businesses in the area are independent, adding to the sense of community. They benefit from affluent local residents, who are happy to pay premium prices for quality and service.

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Bayswater?

To begin with, we only deliver to affluent Bayswater residents. We have carefully mapped out where they live to cut down the time and costs of undertaking leaflet delivery in Bayswater. Just as importantly, we have also removed commercial properties. There are numerous boutique hotels in Bayswater, many of which are easy to confuse with residential houses as the conversions have been undertaken very discretely and there is often minimal advertising.

Secondly we make sure that your leaflets are distributed in all affluent residents. This area is a joy to navigate, but the fact that it is largely composed of Victorian townhouses sub-divided into flats means that our agents need to be on their toes to make sure that each and every individual entrance door receives a delivery. There are also a number of portered blocks in this area where tact is required. Our distributors are trained to negotiate access wherever possible and tactfully deal with porters. We take into consideration the number of blocks that are not possible to deliver leaflets to and this is represented in our proprietary mapping system.

Finally we can help you target Bayswater leaflet delivery campaign successfully. For example if you are a gardening company, we can help get your leaflet to the quarter of households which do have gardens and avoid the three quarters which don't.

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